Surveillance on a Mobile Platform

All businesses are exposed to certain hazards, may it be man-made or environmental. As a result, companies all over the world have relied on security guards to protect them from robbery, vandalism, intrusion, loitering, data theft, and cyber security breaches. Companies have also adopted the use of video surveillance to aid security officers in monitoring company safety, worker behavior, and criminal activities, especially during night time. 

With the world growing less and less safe each day, businesses demand more protection. So despite being a costly choice, they have to hire more security guards to protect their assets for them. 

In Singapore, their employment rate dwindled to only 6,100 workers in the first three months of 2015. A lot of reasons were behind the decline, but one of the most discussed was the employees’ weakening engagement levels in their jobs. This resulted in the scarcity of manpower for both minor and major corporations, including Singapore’s security industry. 

The decline in manpower drove the global security service industry to invest more in IT and innovation, which then inspired a strategy that requires a less manpower-intensive security service. Smart security and mobile CCTV solutions have taken mobile surveillance to a top- notch level. 

Why choose a mobile surveillance platform?

Since the world is constantly facing different security threats every day, the traditional fixed- camera-on-a-fence-line has become an unreliable deterrent against crime. Today’s modern mobile surveillance comes with a mobile command and control system that is equipped with recording devices, a reliable IP network, and well-trained security specialists who are working together as a team to provide unmatched security service. 

These specialists can assess and observe movements through the CCTV monitors 24 hours a day. They use high-end cameras with smart-edge video analytics that can record, monitor, and provide real-time results. Its intelligent video recorders, radars, distance calculators, and detection capabilities also provide highly accurate results. The state-of-the-art computer system provides multiple data streams that will allow specialists to analyze and respond right away when crises arise.

Rapid Response
Companies mostly rely on their hired security guards to take care of their company’s safety. But since then, the most common problem with security guards is when they are caught sleeping on the job. Some turn up unprepared, drunk, or worst, in poor personal hygiene. What would happen if a break-in, a flood, or a fire occurs? How reliable are they to respond or call the law enforcement for back up?   

Mobile surveillance service providers bring out a high level of comprehensive service for clients. With its real-time monitoring, the response time is faster, more efficient, and reliable. Computer systems designed for mobile surveillance are programmed to give out audio and visual alerts for security specialists to act on when problems arise.  

Some companies have cash collection services that transport their money for them without any hassle. With mobile surveillance systems in place, any transaction can be easily monitored. Face recognition technology paired with tracking of incoming and outgoing parties, like mail couriers, food deliveries, and packages can ensure that you and your partners have a smooth and safe transaction.  

The technology used in a mobile surveillance platform helps speed up the response process and improves the way of working. Its recording, detection, and sensor technology is highly accurate, allowing security specialists to provide a faster response time.

Though the conventional security guard is still the commonly used security service, it has become a very problematic choice for most companies. Guards are more likely to fall asleep, show up late, or leave their post when unsupervised. Most security guards just passively observe the property from the CCTV monitors and may oftentimes get bored.  

With mobile surveillance technology, you don’t have to worry about security guards sleeping on the job. You don’t have to hire a lot of guards to check on the location, which is very costly for the business. It is designed to cut up to 50% of the usual security service cost. And compared to traditional security, it is highly advanced, computer-based, and is manned with the best people in the field. This modern technological advancement is invented to solve the scarcity in manpower and as a solution for the unreliable service that some security guard companies provide.  

At the end of the day, mobile surveillance can be more efficient when conventional security is integrated with modern and advanced technology. The security industry should incline towards a more dynamic and progressive approach. This is why most security service providers have invested their time and efforts in perfecting a more systematic way of providing security for companies worldwide.

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