nundpro IoT

Internet of things (IoT) is all about communication & connection of things in one or other form. Anything having the ability to communicate by electronic & wireless methods is certainly the part of IoT. The term was coined by Mr. Peter Lewis in 1985 but is as old as invention of sensors & devices that can communicate with the internet or any network.

Imagine every human on earth with an electronic sensor communicating with similar sensor carried by other person, and then every human on planet can be connected together in a single platform. The MAC code & slightest form of transmission energy is enough for communication. The IP addresses have limitations with no more than 4.3 billion IP addresses can be created; the advent of IoT creates the connectivity between 26 billion devices across the globe as everything is based on any possible communication method.

IoT enables connection of everything that can sense. Hence the hope to make the smarter world, where everything is connected. From connected cars to homes to business to Industrial equipment’s, everything connects hence talks. The endless opportunities and enormous benefits created by limitless connectivity. The connection by all Wi Fi & Li Fi technologies available.

IoT is like a social network for electronic & digital goods, everything & everywhere connected. IoT have direct impact on our lives, from a home where everything is connected from coffee maker to HVAC and everything controlled by a small application on our mobile phone, and opening the door of our favorite car by same mobile phone, practically nothing remains disconnected. And in office from laptop to printer to phone or smart glass film, and once again the live monitoring of home with popup on mobile if someone is at door.

It makes life easier but the major concern is security. Since everything is connected the hacking or intrusion cannot be neglected but is the major issue. As billions of devices are connected, the data sharing & many related activities become the reason for hacking. And will remain the concern always.