KNX, origin of the word is Konnex from Latin dictionary means connection. And is the globally standardized wire line system for the residential & non residential building automation, and have successfully replaced the 75% of predecessor market. It has replaced EIB (European International Bus), EHS (European Home System) & Baitbus which was use mainly in France.

Hard work pays & smarter is better. So is the Z Wave, the communication protocol designed to transmit the data packets at 100 Kbps. A start-up namely Zensys founded by two Danish engineers, developed Z wave. Idea came simply in mind by developing something for their home, but something great was destined. The company started selling a chip for home automation,

As per Norwiegn legend, there was a little troll namely Zigbee, who lived in the village of Vik far inland on the fjord of Sogn. Zigbee was a quiet little troll, who didn’t speak much, but when he did speak it was always reliable. Another story says Honeybee, how she communicates when finds something new sources of food & dances on return to bee hive. It is silent but powerful

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