Triple Smart Beam Sensor 200M

Triple IR beam sensor exclusively designed for smart home automation,  designed for indoor & outdoor application owing to IP 65 rating.  The Progressively infrared signal processing functions (comparable with AGC function) is used to ensure that the item work in any atmospheric condition  like wind, frost, snow, fog, moisture, direct sunlight and other bad weather etc. The wide range voltage design based on the power supply between DC9~30V/AC9~20V as well as centralized power supply followed by the C relay outputs and the tamper switch helps in easy system integration.

CBNET BS3I 200 used 3 IR beamers and is good for beam range detection of 200Meters in outdoor conditions.

Detection Range Outdoor 200M
Indoor 600M
Maximum Arrival Distance 1200M
Detection Method Simultaneous interruption of 3 infrared beams
Interruption Time 50msec, 100msec, 300msec, 700msec (selectable)
Beam frequency 4 channel selectable
Power Supply DC9~30V/AC9~20V
Current Consumption 100mA max
Alarm Period 2sec (±1)
Alarm Output 1C. relay output  (ACDC30V 1.0Amax)
Tamper Switch NC, opens when cover removed
Operating Temperature -25℃ to +55℃
Environment Humidity 95% max
Alignment Angle Horizontal 180°(±90°), Vertical 20°(±10°)
Mounting Wall or Pole
Protection Degree IP65
Material PC engineering plastic
Dimension (L W H) 291mm × 91mm × 92mm
Weight (Transmitter and Receiver)  1670g
Heaters Voltage DC9~30V/AC9~20V
(Additional Accessories) Current 200mA max
Temperature +70℃

CBNET BS3I 200 Triple IR Beam sensor with detection range of 50M is designed for smart home automation & security applications under license at selected factory outlet under strict quality control and assurance. Contact us for Smart Home Automation Projects at