Smart Gas Detector

Smart home Gas Detector, are wired, uses high quality sensors with higher higher sensitivity, using fireproof ABS flame retardant shell. The Built-in high-decibel horn helps in offering very acceptable audible levels in case of alarms. The unit uses three LED indicator lights and supports fault automatic detection function. The NO/ NC relays are provided for the integration purposes.

The combustible gases detected are natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), biogas.

Power Supply DC9~16V
Current Consumption Static 150mA, Alarm 250mA
Alarm condition Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Nature Gas  (NG) (7%LEL)
Artificial Coal Gas(CO) (150PPM)
Alarm method LED indicator flashes, buzzer long-beep
Self-tesing Time 10s
Alarm Sound Level 85dB/m min
Alarm output NC/NO
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Environment Humidity 95% RH max (no congestion)
Mounting Wall-mounted
Dimension 110 x 70 x 40mm
Standard GB15322.2-2003

CBNET GASDE-02 is designed for smart home automation & security applications under license at selected factory outlet under strict quality control and assurance. Contact us for Smart Home Automation Projects at