Smart Ceiling PIR Sensor

Smart Home PIR Ceiling Sensor uses  Doppler effect and Energy analysis for detection purpose. The. Microwave adopts X-Band planar antenna with an adjustable detection range and all-round automatic temperature compensation technology . The LED indicators are incorporated for signal indication followed by alarm trigger mode “AND”, “OR” mode can be selected with alarm output mode “NC”, “NO”.

Power supply 10~24VDC
Static current ≤50mA
Alarm current ≤150mA
Detection angle 360°
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
Microwave frequency 10.525GHz
Installation height 2.4-3.5M
Installation method Ceiling
Self-test time ≤60s
Detection range Height(H) = 3M, Detectable radius= 6M (max)
Detection method IR (Infra Red), Microwave
Infrared sensor Dual low noise pyro electric infrared sensor
Microwave antenna type Planar antenna with high-frequency GaAFET (A gate-all-around (GAA) FET, oscillator
Environment humidity ≦95% Relative Humidity (No condensation)
LED display Green-Infrared is triggered, Yellow-Microwave is triggered, Red-Alarm
Relay output NC/NO can be selected, contact capacity DC24V, 1A
Tamper switch NC without voltage output, contact capacityAC125V, 1A
Dimension φ110 x 40mm

CBNET CEILING-IR01   is designed for smart home automation & security applications under license at selected factory outlet under strict quality control and assurance. Contact us for Smart Home Automation Projects at